Directly operating on a market. Maximum profit.

Positioning on an abroad market does not only mean finding foreign customers, but most importantly operateing as protagonists on that market. Opening an activity on a market means using the selling potentiality and obtaining remarkable results.


Searching for a location

For the companies which have already built a format, the location is fundamental.  

The location, the profitability coefficient etc. are all aspects that can make the difference between success and failure. 

Agencies often promote their kind of offers, whilst dealing with this aspect with a local partner operating directly on the market, allow to be updated on the last news and a noticeable saving cost-wise.


Sales management

The most complicated aspect is the management of separated offices, and its control. Even though technologies nowadays give us the ability to control remotively, some procedures still require the physical presence.

MADE STRATEGY represents an abroad commercial office and guarantees a domicile, a control plan and the management for ordinary and extraordinary necessities. 

Format Assistance

In foreign markets there is the necessity to modify the project, the format, to the various necessities. The legal aspect, the sanitary, can ask for variations to guarantee the correct performance and the activity's success.

MADE STRATEGY, thanks to the direct relationship on the single aimed markets guarantees a correct and efficient support to the format, before it beginning.  


Staff & HR

In the areas in which it operates, MADE STRATEGY is able to guarantee to the company which wants to open up a new activity abroad, the selection and evaluation of the most suitable staff, paying attention to useless money waste and with a progressive control over the work done.