For the designer who wants to develop the brand

MADE STRATEGY offers an easy access to sampling and producing a collection in Italy. The highly sought after MADE IN ITALY label is often extremely difficult to obtain in a situation with a lack of factory contacts or knowledge of the Italian territory. We provide a trusted network of top quality factories that produce merchandise at different price levels in the following categories:

-          leather goods (handbags, jackets)

-          apparel (from contemporary to high end)

-          Shoes  (Men, women, etc.)


As the quantities rise, an optimization of the productions is needed and more suitable producers are required, for the brand necessities, or to increase the profit.

MADE STRATEGY can enumerate professionals with over 20 years of experience in the world of product management, with both national and international contacts concerning knitwear, tailoring, leather industry, and footwear.

From high-end projects to classic ones, various clients benefitted from adapting their productions to the new market needs


In order to follow productions abroad, the key is a qualified product manager who perfectly knows the job and the factories.


With MADE STRATEGY emerging brands have the incredibe opportunity to take advantage of a high-level product management service at affordable prices.



Made in Italy is very important, but sometimes even high quality productions are a limitation if they are to be applied to high costs, shipping costs and customs fees.

MADE STRATEGY offers the opportunity for emerging designers to relate with Italian and foreign productions followed and controlled in order to optimize costs based on the list requirements.

For fashion and food companies, who want to internationalize often identify production partners in the destination country means to improve sales performance, be faster and more reliable delivery and save shipping, customs duties and CERTIFICATIONS.



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